Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yay! After a day of being single, my ex already has a new boyfriend!

It's funny how girls can still manage to rip your spleen and kidneys out, even if you're not going out with them anymore. Being in a relationship, I think a person is fully prepared for that. Or would like to think so. But once that relationship ends, and you find your body parts removed from your chest cavity after "here and there" conversations with that ex, it definitely bites.

So my ex somehow manages to squeeze out a bit of info for my benefit last Sunday. Just two days after we broke up. I loved how she said it too. "Oh by the way, I'm with so-and-so now" As if I really wanted to know this, you cheating bizatch. Convenient that she's dating someone not even a day after we parted ways. (she saw him the day before). "Oh, it was out of the blue and I wasn't expecting it! And since we weren't going out anymore, why not? I don't need time to get over it like you do."


Cold, and calculated.

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